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In some cases, simply giving your current windows and doors a bit of TLC might be enough to seriously benefit your property in several ways, but if you assess their condition and see that the weather or years of use has finally taken its toll, here are some good reasons to consider investing in some replacements:

•    Greater Energy Efficiency – Most probably the greatest benefit achieved through replacing your windows and doors is the heightened level of energy efficiency that your home will almost certainly experience. Older windows and doors or those that are in bad condition do a very poor job at insulting your home; they probably let warm air escape easily in the winter. Consequently your heating system has to be turned up a notch or left on for longer (maybe even all the time) just so you can feel comfortable in your own home. New windows and doors don’t let the warm air escape in the first place, meaning you use your heating less, not more.
•    Give Your Home a Makeover – Windows and doors are far more than coverings to the portals into your home. They have a major impact upon how the property looks from the outside (which is the side that most people see) and can be the difference between your home being seen as a run-down, tired looking property, and the property that everyone in your neighbourhood wants to live in. Imagine what that can do if you decide to sell one day…
•    Upgrade in Security – Another thing that many older windows and doors lack is robust security fittings. Most of them contain a single-point lock or a standard dead bold and are not properly equipped to repel modern burglars. The windows and doors that you buy today will likely come with advanced multiple-point locking systems that distribute any force applied evenly across the entire surface area, making them much more effective at protecting your home. This would give anyone extra peace of mind and a better night’s sleep.

Give up on those temporary band aid fixes that you have had to do more and more in recent months. The condition of your aged windows and doors is never going to improve and they’re actually costing you money every month you keep them. Let us help you start saving money immediately by calling 647-929-4470. We offer a wide range of products, including some of the latest materials such as vinyl windows and fiber glass entry doors.

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