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Important facts about condensation

Condensation would be the passing of a substance from a lower to a higher physical state. In all instance water moves from a gaseous state to the denser liquid stage.

Because it is caused by too much humidity, condensation is also the symptom of a more bigger problem – excessive moisture going to affect your home’s atmosphere. In search of cooler and drier outside air the water vapour uses pressure and forces its way through building materials such as wood, brick or drywall. All those materials are ineffective to stop moisture from migrating. Because window and its surface colder than the surrounding walls, vapour is suspend by window glass and frame. While glass is coldest and least porous material in a building may show condensation first, it may also be noticed on different surfaces.

Why does condensation occurs

Problems appears because air can absorb only a little amount of water vapour, diversify with the temperature. Condensation is related to a few conditions that appears in the atmosphere inside of your home and it is more likely to form whenever there is an improper balance between relative humidity. A ratio between the water vapour in the air comparably to the maximum amount that air can be adaptive at a given temperature. For example if 50% means the air is carrying 1/2 of the total percentage of vapour and it is capable of holding at similar temperature. A particular temperature where the humidity level 100%, called the “dew point” at the dew point, the air is absorbed with moisture and begins to lose it in because of condensation.

Sources of moisture

During the winter humidity level in a house winter will depend on moisture added to the air through living habits and the rate at which this moisture is removed by ventilation or condensation.

How to prevent humidity and moisture

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