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The best bet is to plan your window replacement for a time of year when the weather is warm, definitely  in the spring or early summer.

There are several important facts  to do your replacement when weather is warm.  Your windows will letting in chilly weather that will force you to increase your heat and that's the reason why your heating bill will go up to. This is actually true if you’re replacing single or multiple window.
Windows caulk adapted much better in the warm weather than it does in the cold weather. Ideally, latex caulk should only be applied when temperatures range between 10 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you use silicone, it is may be able to apply it in cold weather, but you’ll need to warm weather for the caulk before applying so that it will adapt more smooth.
In conclusion, there’s what’s we at Epic View calling the “movement of the substrate.” Some materials, specially  vinyl and aluminum increases in warm weather and shrinks in the cold. At Epic View we try to do not apply caulk to your windows when the weather is too cold It may crack when the materials eventually contract as a result of temperature decrease.
Likewise, caulk won’t apply properly in very hot weather temperatures above 80 to 90 degrees fahrenheit. So do not plan your replacement for the very hot days of summer. Please contact Epic View representative at any time.

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