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In terms of an active lifetime for your windows, all will depend on the material that your windows was made from a single or double  or triple all of the different styles will depend on quality of the windows manufacturing company. Epic View will guaranty you highest possible quality for our windows.

There many factors can be related the life of a window, here are some easy guidelines you can follow:

Vinyl windows:  A solid quality vinyl windows should last up to 30 years without replacement. Be aware, however, that lower quality vinyl windows that aren’t well maintained can last as little as 10 years.

Wood windows: Wood windows, while often more expensive to install, are an good option for both efficiency and longevity. A good wood window should last 30 plus years with some care, they can often last much longer.

Fiberglass windows: Because fiberglass windows highly resistant to most should be able to expect good service minimum of 30 years of good service, and may be more.  Forms of damage or wear, they rate as some of the longest lasting window options.


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